Restaurant, Rooms and Nature

The Rifugio Lupi di Toscana awaits you in the tranquillity at the gates of Trentino.

The ‘Rifugio Brigata Lupi di Toscana’ is located within the Ecomuseum of the Valle del Chiese ‘Porta del Trentino’, a few kilometres from the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. It owes its name to the glorious Brigata Lupi di Toscana (Tuscany Wolves Brigade), who fought here in the Great War. Throughout these years it has been a point of reference for hunters, passionate mushroom hunters, the first skiers who frequented our beautiful mountains, the avid ‘Morra’ players who found in the historic uncle Settimo a tough opponent to beat. Those were the times when the uncle used to ‘trisare’ (to mix, it comes from the term ‘trisa’, a special wooden spoon used to mix polenta) the polenta carbonera on the hearth in the ‘bait’ (mountain hut) at the edge of the wood where that unmistakable scent of polenta spread, and the first customers, especially from Brescia, discovered Boniprati as a place for out-of-town picnics. It is located in the pristine nature of the Boniprati plateau, 6 km from Pieve di Bono and 9 km from Cimego. At 1176 meters above sea level, it is ideal for banquets and tastings of typical products, and as a starting point for excursions along the numerous nature and cultural itineraries of the Valle del Chiese.

Summer Prices 2021

BOARD + SUMMER From June 1st to August 1st € 52

Drinks not included

Discounts for children
0-3 years FREE in parents' bed
4-8 years 30%
9-12 years 10%

From August 2nd to August 25th € 57
From August 26th to September 30th € 52
HALF BOARD From August 1st to August 25th € 52 Drinks not included
June - July - September € 48


€ 80 Drinks not included
  € 35  
  • The prices do NOT include the tourist tax.
  • Any other combination of days can be considered Overnight + 10%
  • Pension is considered to be a stay of at least 3 consecutive days.

Rustic and spacious rooms

Our refuge has 8 spacious rooms furnished in mountain style suitable for couples and families.

Boniprati Plateau

A verdant area carefully maintained and dotted with mountain houses

Between the valley floor of the Valle del Chiese and the spurs of the Trentino Adamello, forged by natural agents and shaped by the centuries-old activity of the farmers and breeders of the villages below, Boniprati is a place full of peace and colours throughout all seasons. At the centre of the plain, the physical conformation of the ground and the particular microclimate have given rise to a varied biotope, very interesting from a naturalistic point of view.

The distances

6 Km from Pieve di Bono
25 Km from Lago d’Idro
40 Km from Madonna di Campiglio
50 Km from Riva del Garda
60 Km from Trento
80 Km from Brescia

Points of interest

8 Km Ufficio Turistico
10 Km Museo della Grande Guerra
10 Km Forte Corno
12 Km Forte Larino

Typical local cuisine

Genuine recipes and traditional dishes cooked with zero-km products.

Scaia Family

At the end of the 1960s the refuge was purchased by the Scaia brothers Benvenuto and Settimo, then, from 1982 to 1990, the daughters Tullia and Adelia restructured and enlarged the old wooden hut, obtaining the current structure. After so many years, there still is the familiar cordiality that has always distinguished the management of the refuge.